Take a look at what's in store for our 2015/16 season. We'll present nine productions, each sure to impress!

Main Stage Series


September 25th - October 17th

This fast-paced horror spoof follows a young hipster couple who moves into a house where a demon has wreaked havoc for 37 years, including the events depicted in Seance 4. Now, the demon is looking to be born as a human and has chosen the hipster bride to carry his seed. Meanwhile, a brilliant demonologist, who has ties to this house, seeks to destroy the demon before it can be born with help or hindrance from a pastor, a realtor and a cop with something to prove.

Directed by Shawn Handlon

Starring Lauren Bickers, Dyan Bailey, Michael Hovitch,
Sean McGettigan, Tara Rase, and Cara Trautman

Written by the Cast and Director

One-Act Series


October 30th - November 14th

One morning a group of people living in the same apartment building discover their kindly landlady dead. They make a series of decidedly bad choices and wind up learning more about each other than they ever wanted to know.

Directed by Mike McGettigan

Assistant Directed by Joe Hingelberg

Starring Katie McGraw, Matt Penridge, Maggie O'Reilly,
Julia Schroeder, Mitch Socia, and Janelle Soulliere.

Written by the cast and Director

Main Stage Series


November 25th - December 19th

An ingenious tale of two Hollywood giants—Orson Welles and Laurence Olivier. The time is 1960; the place is a West End theatre. Legendary critic Kenneth Tynan has made a startling proposal: Welles should direct Olivier and the young Joan Plowright in Rhinoceros, Ionesco's absurdist masterpiece. But it is the rehearsal process that brims with absurdity as titanic personalities, including Vivien Leigh, wrestle the muse in this witty and incisive depiction of the drama of theatre.

Directed by Chuck Reynolds

Written by Austin Pendleton

Starring Joel Mitchell, T.M. Rawlins, Kelly Rossi,
Dax Anderson, Bryan Spangler, and Jonathan Davidson

One-Act Series


January 15th - January 30th

The winner of Box Fest 2015 will directs this intimate examination of love, adultery...and a cat.

Directed by Tricia Turek

Written by Rikki Schwartz

Starring Kez Settle and JM Ethridge

Main Stage Series


February 12th - March 5th

Two angry young men sit behind a Vermont coffee shop and discuss music and Bukowski. When a lonely high-school student arrives on the scene, they decide to teach him everything they know. A play with music about friendship, art, love and death.

Directed by York Griffith

Written by Annie Baker

Starring Darren Shelton, Andy Reid, and Doug Kolbicz

Main Stage Series


April 1st - 23rd

Created by members of the Planet Ant Home Team, Antenna is a multimedia extravaganza featuring live sketches and video segments. Antenna takes you through many bizarre and hilarious scenes in a style similar to Mr. Show, SNL or Kids in the Hall.  From evil robots, RL Stine, The Walking Dead, awkward dates, over zealous police women, foreign kids shows, key parties, reality TV, and text messages, Antenna will tune you into an original live show that you won't soon forget.

Directed by Mike McGettigan

Starring Lauren Bickers, Joe Hingelberg, Michael Hovitch, Mike McGettigan, Sean McGettigan and Travis Pelto

Written by the Cast and Director

One-Act Series


May 6th - May 21st

The Wilde-Award winning one-man show, Fish Dinner returns to Planet Ant Theatre for the third and final chapter: Fish Dinner 3: Enough Already. Detroit Second City alum Quintin Hicks stretches the limits of character performance and improv to introduce you to a world of unique and unforgettable characters. Side-splittingly hysterical, with pockets of poignant tragedy, expect to see some familiar faces and perhaps a few new ones!

Directed by Dave Davies
Written by and featuring Quintin Hicks

Main Stage Series


June 3rd - June 25th

Alone With Friends explores the relationship between a writer and her muses. In this case Hannah - a romance novelist and shut in - relies on her lead characters to keep her company and aid in the writing of her books. A new love interest in Hannah's life shakes up her predictable and safe daily life.

Directed by Kelly Komlen
Written by Margaret Edwartowski