Take a look at what's in store for our 2015/16 season. We'll present nine productions, each sure to impress!

Main Stage Series

Really Really

September 23rd - October 1st

Paul Downs Colaizzo's Really Really is a startlingly funny play about a group of Generation Me college students in the aftermath of a wild campus party. When morning-after gossip about privileged Davis and ambitious Leigh turns ugly, self-interest collides with the truth and the resulting storm of ambiguity makes it hard to discern just who's a victim, who's a predator, and who's a Future Leader of America. All that's certain is when the veneer of loyalty and friendship is stripped back, what's revealed is a vicious jungle of sexual politics, raw ambition, and class warfare where only the strong could possibly survive. 

Written by Paul Downs Colaizzo

Directed by Brandy Joe Plambeck

Featuring Meredith Deighton, Kaitlyn Valor Bourque, Brenton Herwat, Michael Lopetrone, Lisa Melinn, Andy Reid and Jeffrey James Smyk

One-Act Series

The Fall

October 14th - 29th

An original one-act comedy by Planet Ant Colony Fest winners Natrual Born Killaz

Directed by Lauren Bickers

Featuring Michael Owen Smith and Jaclynne Cherry

Written by the cast and Director

Main Stage Series

Hamtown Races

November 23rd - December 17th

Planet Ant brings back an encore presentation of Margaret Edwartowski's Wilde Award winning play, Hamtown Races. Originally staged in Fall 2012, the play is set inside the Al Ameer Cafe, a family business belonging to Lebanese immigrants, which hosts a colorful and diverse collection of characters, each representative of the varied and shifting cultures in Hamtramck.

Directed by Amanda Grace Ewing

Written by Margaret Edwartowski

One-Act Series

Riot Grrrl 90

January 13th - January 30th

Set in 1990s suburbia, Rachel and Jen meet in French class and become instant best friends. Their mutual love of Nintendo, Riot Grrrl music and smoking cigarettes gets disrupted when Rachel's neighbor, Mike, starts hanging around. Winner of the Audience Choice Vote for Box Fest Detroit 2016, this is an expanded version of the Award Winning Short Riot Grrrl 90.

Featuring - DeAnnah Kleitz-Singleton, Janelle Soulliere, Andy Reid, Lauren Bickers, and Dyan Bailey

Written and directed by Dyan Bailey

Main Stage Series


February 24th - March 17th

Set in a dystopian, post-apocalyptic world, this punk rock musical is a new adaptation of Shakespeare's Scottish play.

Directed by Shawn Handlon

Written by Shawn Handlon and Mikey Brown

Main Stage Series

Failure: A Love Story

April 28th - May 20th

By the end of 1928, all three Fail sisters will be dead -- expiring in reverse order, youngest to oldest, from blunt object to the head, disappearance, and finally consumption. Tuneful songs, and a whimsical chorus follow the story of Nelly, Jenny June, and Gerty as they live out their lives above the family clock repair shop near the Chicago River, before their time unexpectedly runs out. A magical, musical fable where, in the end, the power of love is far greater than any individual's successes or failures

Written by Philip Dawkins

Directed by Jill Dion and Molly McMahon