Take a look at our 2017/18 season.

One-Act Series

Amazing Dave

September 15th - September 30th

Planet Ant Theatre opens it 2017-18 season with Amazing Dave, an original one act comedy directed by Shawn Handlon and features members of the new Improv Colony Farm Team.

Amazing Dave tells the stories of a con man who starts a doomsday cult and the group of followers who are gullible enough to believe he is a modern prophet who happens to know the exact date of society's impending collapse.

In a first for Planet Ant, this one act comedy also represents the pilot episode for what will be a 6 episode weekly, live sitcom that will run on Thursday nights in Ant Hall, starting in October. Each subsequent episode will chronicle the misadventures of Amazing Dave and his band of misfit followers.

Written by Shawn Handlon and the cast:

Tony Augusty

Jaclynn Cherry

Michael Duprey

Andi Maziarz

Jason Petterson

Sarah Wilder

One-Act Series

Nightmare on Caniff Street

October 13 - October 21

Planet Ant presents Nightmare on Caniff Street!

Nothing will get you into the Halloween spirit faster than these collection of dark and haunting tales from the twisted minds of our Sketch 5 Writing class. We invite everyone to join us at Planet Ant for this spookily hilarious show! Who knew fright could be so fun?

Directed By Mike McGettigan and the Sketch 5 class.

One-Act Series


Let’s get campy! Join Brant Branson and Trant Transon on a magical journey to the past to rediscover the roots of their friendship. Get swept up in the emotional whirlwind as your favorite morning talk showmosexuals glitter through life at the camp where it all started. Love, hate, pride, shame, and sparkles are all par for the course for the Gay Agenda in Camptastic!


Directed by Travis Pelto

Starring Sam Meier and Anthony Douglas

Music by Caitlin Gilmore

Main Stage Series

Christmas: Impossible

Planet Ant presents the holiday-themed, action spoof "Christmas Impossible," an adaptation of one of its first original comedies, created by members of its Improv Colony in 2003. 

Ole Solcheck is a fallen guardian angel... well, pushed actually. She was fired from heaven because she decided that five of the humans she was charged with protecting would be better off dead. So, Ole is banished to Earth where she embarks on a mission to save the lives that she had condemned. But she only has 25 hours to make things right.    

Christmas Impossible is a fresh adaptation of the 2003 Planet Ant original holiday comedy, 25, for which Shawn Handlon was director and head writer. Dave Davies, who directs this iteration, was part of the 2003 cast that helped build the fast paced action spoof, which was inspired by the TV series, 24. 

Mikey Brown will provide Music Direction for the show's four musical numbers. The original music was composed by John Edwartowski. 

The 2003 cast who collaborated on 25 included Dave Davies, Jaime Moyer, Brett Guennel, Cara Trautman, Nick Smith, Catherine Hong and Mark Mikula.  

Adapted by Shawn Handlon

Directed by Dave Davies


Lauren Bickers

Nick Boulahanis

Jaclynn Cherry

Michael Duprey

Shawn Handlon

Amy Probst


Fridays & Saturdays | 8p

November 24 - December 16

Matinee Performances 

December 3 | 2p

December 10 | 6p


One-Act Series

Game Play

February 2 - 17

“Game Play” by Charity Clark-Anderson

One Act written and directed by Charity Clark-Anderson, the winner of Boxfest 2017

One-Act Series

A Planet Ant Training Center Sketch 5 Original Comedy

February 23 - March 3

Planet Ant presents a collection of sketches from our level 5 writing class. Students of the level 5 class were tasked with bringing their favorite sketches created during writing 1-4 to the stage and co-direct them with the help of instructor Shawn Handlon to create a sketch comedy show created specifically for the process.

Directed By Shawn Handlon

Main Stage Series

Home Team Sketch Show

March 16 - April 7

Planet Ant presents a brand new sketch comedy show created by the renowned Planet Ant Home Team.

Main Stage Series

The Realistic Joneses

April 27 - May 19

In The Realistic Joneses, we meet Bob and Jennifer and their new neighbors, John and Pony, two suburban couples who have even more in common than their identical homes and their shared last names. As their relationships begin to irrevocably intertwine, the Joneses must decide between their idyllic fantasies and their imperfect realities.

Written by Will Eno

Directed by Joe Bailey