The Planet Ant Training Center offers a full line-up of six-week classes for beginning and experienced students looking to learn the ins and outs of long-form improv comedy and comedy writing.

Sign up for classes and Planet Ant and you'll learn from some of the area’s best and most seasoned instructors – the same people you see performing with the Home Team each week. We pride ourselves on creating a safe and nurturing environment while providing frank, constructive feedback that will push students creatively to become better actors, better writers, and better improvisers.

In its nearly 20-year history, our esteemed Planet Ant Improv Colony has created well over twenty original comedy plays while providing countless hours of laughs every Monday night with the area’s longest running improv comedy show. Now it's your turn to join in on all the fun by enrolling in the Planet Ant Training Center.

No matter what your skill level, our unique program offers something for you!

Find more info about each programs below, then check out our full class schedule to see what we're offering this term. Still have questions? Visit our FAQ page or contact us.


New to improv classes at Planet Ant Training Center? Then this is where you'll start. This series of classes will provide an introduction to Planet Ant's unique style of scenic improv comedy. We do not teach short form improv, instead our program is geared towards scenic improv and acting technique right from the start.

Each six-week session will build on the last, as you learn tons of improv concepts and techniques through all sorts of fun and exciting games and exercises, all the while meeting new friends and sharing laughs along the way. 

Students will perform in their first Planet Ant class show at the end of Intro To Improv 3. 


This series of classes is for the experienced improviser looking to push their skills to the next level. Here you'll learn more advanced techniques and concepts as you focus on honing your scene work into complete long-form shows. Each level of the intermediate program also features exercises designed to help push your acting chops to the next level.

At the end of each six-week session, you and your class troupe will get a chance to test what you've been learning in a class show.


Our Advanced program focuses on pushing your class ensemble to the next level while addressing the individual problem spots of each performer. More focus will be put on polish your live shows through extra performances. Students who have completed Intermediate 3 must audition into our Advanced program.

Advanced classes perform twice per term with a midterm show and as well as final class show performance.


Writing original comedy has always been a huge part of what we do at Planet Ant. Over more than two decades, we have created many award-winning plays, short films, and even a few feature length movies. Now, we want to teach you how to translate the ideas in your head to the written page.  

Our Sketch Writing program consists of five six-week sessions. You'll start with the basics of comedy writing and slowly hone your skills through many in-class exercises and required homework assignments. Each class builds on the information learned in the previous one, and by the end of Sketch Writing 4, each student will have amassed a writing portfolio with a minimum of 20 sketches and 3 comedic monologues. Sketch 5 will see the students working with a director to put together a complete sketch show based on their work so far.

Students are required to bring an internet capable device (phones are okay), paper and writing implements. Students must also have simple writing assignments completed as a requirement for the beginning of each class level, as noted below. Performance experience is not required.


In this course students will learn all the basic skills needed to produce quality sketch comedy videos on a near zero budget. Students will be tasked with every aspect of sketch comedy video production: filming, editing, sound, lighting, production, acting and  writing will all be taught, as students practice all of these skills by creating short sketches on a consistent basis. By the end of the 5th level of the course, students will have created a reel of work, along with multiple sketches in various styles and a final collaborative project that is determined as a class.

Required Equipment: A working cell phone that shoots video and access to a computer with any basic editing software.  

Recommended Experience: Sketch writing basics, Improv basics


In this advanced program, students will learn Planet Ant’s unique process for creating an original comedy play from improvisation. Participants will be paired with a Planet Ant director who will lead them through this 18 week program.

The Ant Process is broken down into three distinct sections. In the first part of the program you will work on building the strength of your ensemble and fine-tuning your improv skills. Next, your group will begin to mine their improv work for the best scenes and learn to translate them to fully fleshed out scripts as you begin shaping an original one-act play. Finally, your scripts will be put on it's feet and tweaked, culminate in a two weekend run of an original comedy production that you helped create. All participants will split 20% of the box office receipts from the run!

Students are excepted into The Ant Process by audition only. This program is open to improvisers with a year or more of previous training. Interested parties are strongly encouraged to complete our leveled classes to fully prepare themselves for The Ant Process.