Audition Notice

Yes, Weed Can

Written by Shawn Handlon and Jaime Moyer

Directed by Shawn Handlon

Musical Direction by Mikey Brown

On February 25th (4-7PM), Planet Ant will be holding a general audition to cast a spring re-mount of "Yes Weed Can" by Shawn Handlon and Jaime Moyer at Ant Hall, directed by Handlon with Musical Direction by Mikey Brown. 

Callbacks may immediately follow the general audition on 2/25.

Yes, Weed Can is a satirical musical that tells intertwining stories of conspiracy and redemption. It tells the tales of how a powerful few bamboozled America into outlawing a beloved, common crop and of Tammy (Chong) Chonski, the modern day heroine forced to grapple with the ramifications of the vilification of cannabis. 


We are looking for ALL TYPES with the intention of to casting 3-4 Male and 3-4 Female.

Please have experience with scripted comedy and a confident singing voice.

Auditions will consist of a staged reading of pages from the "Yes Weed Can" script as well as a short song of your choice (something in your wheelhouse that you really kill at karaoke). There will not be a pianist, so you will perform your song a capella or with a musical track that you should provide prior to your audition.  

When confirming your audition appointment, we will also request a digital headshot (does not have to be professional; it could be a favorite recent selfie) and a digital resume.


Primary Characters

Tammy - Our hero is a lovable stoner who spent almost two years in prison for possession after a routine traffic stop on her way to Spring Break in Texas. With a criminal record preventing her from getting a real job, she turned to selling weed as her career. After 10 years of accepting her fate, she decides to go after the life she was striving for before her bullshit conviction threw her life off course. She decides that no one should ever go through what she had to go through. She decides to change the world. She decides to run for Congress. Age: Late 20's through Early 30's.

Megan - Our hero's best friend and roommate also carries the guilt of knowing that it was her weed that got Tammy busted that spring in Texas. She and Tammy are very similar in many ways, but they also complement each other nicely. For example, Megan is often the voice of reason, offering balance to Tammy's more impulsive nature. Megan also loves smoking weed. Age: Late 20's through Early 30's. 

Rick - Our hero's best friend's boyfriend is a self-proclaimed intellectual hippie. He is well read, he is well educated and he also loves to smoke weed. He is a Medical Marijuana Entrepreneur by trade, though he has had varied experiences in his life's travels--from driving a bus in Cartagena to working on the Hillary Clinton campaign. Age: Early 30's through Early 40's.

Jake - Our hero's love interest is an old flame from high school that she has not seen since graduation. He is now a cop and a recovering alcoholic, but he has maintained the boyish charm that made him so genuinely likeable back in high school. Late 20's/Early 30's. 


The show will run Friday and Saturday nights from April 20, 2018 through May 12, 2018. There may be a Sunday evening 6PM performance on April 29 or May 6.

Rehearsals will mostly be Sunday afternoons, Monday evenings, Tuesday Evenings through March and April. With the goal of rehearsing 3-4 times per week, several more rehearsals will added based on need and availability. During the final week prior to opening, expect to rehearse every evening.