Friday, December 9 at Planet Ant Hall.

Brew & View cinema is coming to Planet Ant Hall! Come see some classic movies while enjoying a few cold brews. First off, it's the Planet Ant produced musical comedy "GARAGE: A Rock Saga."

Ghost Light Hamtramck will be open at 7pm and serving drinks all night. The movie will start in Ant Hall at 9pm.

GARAGE: A Rock Saga

Based on the stage play of the same name, GARAGE follows a four-member rock band formed following the death of Frank's (Joshua Funk) father. Catching up with the band every five years--as they assume a different musical trend from 70s disco to 90s grunge--the band goes through highs and lows as members come and go, each struggling to find their individual identity and their identity as a rock band.

Directed by
Mikey Brown

Writing credits
(in alphabetical order) 
Joshua Funk writer
Nancy Hayden writer