Sunday, August 27th , 5-8 pm

Join us at Hands On Workshops for simple mask making. The workshop is open to adults, and children accompanied by a supervising adult.

The workshop will be easy enough for beginners, but more experienced artists will be able to make more elaborate masks from the basic materials.

Some materials will be provided. We will have gessoed papier-mâché masks to be completed and we will demo how to fabricrate them from start to finish (a three day process). We'll also bring basic tools, paint, beads, feathers, yarn, buttons, fabric, markers, pipe cleaners and other materials you can use to embellish your masks and make them as fancy as you want to. We encourage you to bring any special materials you may want to use or share.

$35 per adult; Adult with child $50; adult with two children $65; Please, no children unless they are accompanied by a parent. Parent/adult must supervise their children.

Please register here:

PLEASE NOTE: If you want to attend, you need to register ahead of time.