Thank you for your interest in playing at this year's Colony Fest. Please read all the submission guidelines before filling out the form below. 

  • Registration opens on Thursday, June 29, following the 8pm improv show at Ant Hall. Team representatives should submit their name to the drawing that will determine who gets the first crack at the schedule. The drawing will take place at approx 10:15pm.
  • See the schedule below for available time slots.
  • Times will be filled on a first come first serve basis.
  • Any remaining time-slots not claimed at the registration kick-off will be made available for online submissions on Friday, June 30.
  • Each improviser is only allowed to perform in up to two troupes throughout the festival.
  • A $45 registration fee must be paid online. We will provide a payment link once your registration has been confirmed. You will have 24 hours to submit your payment and lock in your slot.
  • All improv troupes not directly affiliated with Planet Ant are eligible to compete.
  • Four finalists will be chosen by audience votes on the first four nights of the festival.
  • All performers are eligible to purchase a ticket to cast one vote on their performance night.
  • The overall winner will be determined on Saturday, July 22 by a panel of Planet Ant judges.
  • Any troupe members who are not able to perform in the preliminary rounds are not eligible to perform in the finals. Any troupe members not able to perform in the finals are not eligible to win.
  • The winning troupe will work with Home Team member Travis Pelto to create a show that will run October 27- November 11 as part of our 2017/18 season. A rehearsal schedule will be determined by the cast and director.

Full Colony Fest 2016 Schedule

Tuesday, July 18
8:00pm - Goodbye Forever
8:30pm - TBD
9:00pm - Poppin Buttons
9:30pm - The Travel Band
10:00pm - Church Chi Chi's
10:30pm - Coney Dog Days

Wednesday, July 19
8:00pm -  SPANX A LOT
8:30pm - Almost Normal
9:00pm - Low Estrogen
9:30pm - The Milk Gang
10:00pm - Almost Good
10:30pm - DND Baby

Thursday, July 20
8:00pm - Nothing Permanent
8:30pm - Deal With It
9:00pm - Guided By Lasers
9:30pm - Crab Fight
10:00pm - Mt. Elliott Climbers
10:30pm - Hot Gold

Friday, July 21
8:00pm - FalconStand
8:30pm - The Gay Agenda
9:00pm - Sex Town USA
9:30pm - Break Time For Lab Rats
10:00pm - Jalopy
10:30pm - Glen

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