Planet Ant Colony Fest 2016

On October 29th, Planet Ant celebrates 20 years of theatre and improv in metro Detroit with a very special birthday party at our new Ant Hall venue. 

Doors open at 8pm with time to mix, mingle, and grab a drink at our new Ghostlight Bar & Cafe as you check out the progress we've made on the Ant Hall.

The entertainment starts at 9pm with an improv set by the renowned Planet Ant Home Team. At 10pm, a collection of local bands and performers will present a greatest hits retrospective of Planet Ant songs taken from our 20-year theatrical history. We'll close the night with a DJ and your chance to shake a leg to some sick beats.

Tickets are $20, but our recent IndieGoGo contributors at the Ants de Extravagance, Ant Stamp, ANTheme get in free. We will also be accepting donations at the door. All proceeds from this event will go towards further construction as we prepare for our official grand opening next March.

Get your tickets now, and please spread the word on what is sure to be a birthday party to remember!

*Ticket price includes an online service charge.

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Full Colony Fest 2016 Schedule

Tuesday, July 12
8:00pm - Alcatraz
8:30pm - Jalopy - WINNER
9:00pm - Shrag
9:30pm - Two Jerrys
10:00pm - Mrs. Claws
10:30pm - Future Kids

Wednesday, July 13
8:00pm - The Dentist Club
8:30pm - Reactivated
9:00pm - Gameday
9:30pm - Dianasty
10:00pm - Brother & Sons - WINNER
10:30pm - Adultry

Thursday, July 14
8:00pm - Only Time Will Tell
8:30pm - Fast Dad
9:00pm - Fully Cooked
9:30pm - Natural Born Killaz
10:00pm - Maple & Syrup
10:30pm - Void Where Prohibited

Friday, July 15
8:00pm - Two Thousand & Dixteen
8:30pm - Mt. Elliott Climbers
9:00pm - Slice, Slice Baby
9:30pm - Penultimate
10:00pm - Gateway Butters
10:30pm - The Milk Gang