Planet Ant Colony Fest 2016

Colony Fest 2016 is coming, July 12-16! Come out each night to cast a vote for your favorite improv troupes and help us decide who goes on to the finals to compete for a chance to win the "fabulous prize" of a late night slot in Planet Ant's 2016/2017 season directed by TBD. 

Improvisers, check out the registration guidelines and submission link below! Invite everyone you know because audience votes will determine the four finalists who will compete on Saturday night for an audience that will include a Planet Ant panel of judges who will select the winner.

Please help spread the word and plan to join us for this exciting event!

Tickets are $5.50 each night.

Purchase tickets below or put in a reservation here.

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Full Colony Fest 2016 Schedule

Tuesday, July 12
8:00pm - Alcatraz
8:30pm - Jalopy - WINNER
9:00pm - Shrag
9:30pm - Two Jerrys
10:00pm - Mrs. Claws
10:30pm - Future Kids

Wednesday, July 13
8:00pm - The Dentist Club
8:30pm - Reactivated
9:00pm - Gameday
9:30pm - Dianasty
10:00pm - Brother & Sons - WINNER
10:30pm - Adultry

Thursday, July 14
8:00pm - Only Time Will Tell
8:30pm - Fast Dad
9:00pm - Fully Cooked
9:30pm - Natural Born Killaz
10:00pm - Maple & Syrup
10:30pm - Void Where Prohibited

Friday, July 15
8:00pm - Two Thousand & Dixteen
8:30pm - Mt. Elliott Climbers
9:00pm - Slice, Slice Baby
9:30pm - Penultimate
10:00pm - Gateway Butters
10:30pm - The Milk Gang