Sunday - 2pm - Ant Hall - Yes Weed Can

Sunday - 2pm - Ant Hall - Yes Weed Can




Ant Hall

This hilarious musical is cowritten by Detroit luminary Jaime Moyer and stars the fantastic Kaitlyn Valor Bourque.

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Ant Hall - (The building with the mural on it) - 2320 Caniff St, Hamtramck, MI 48212

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Show Description:

Yes Weed Can: The Musical
A Planet Ant Production

Created by Shawn Handlon & Jaime Moyer | Music by Mikey Brown
Directed by Shawn Handlon | Musical Direction by Mikey Brown

Yes Weed Can is an original satirical musical comedy (originally debuted in 2014 at the Planet Ant black box theater) that tells intertwining stories of conspiracy and redemption. Following the journey of Tammy, the modern-day heroine compelled to wrestle with the legal ramifications of cannabis's legislative vilification; Yes Weed Can chronicles the scheme of a powerful few bamboozling America into outlawing a beloved, common crop for (gasp!) personal gain.