Planet Ant is very excited to announce our brand new Farm Team program, the next evolution of our Training Center. Accepted participants will work with various Planet Ant Training Center instructors in order to hone their skills, while also performing regularly at the Ant.

Our first Farm Team audition will be on Sunday, May 21, starting at 12pm, but we plan to hold auditions at least once per year. Wanna participate? Read all the requirements and expectations to see if you qualify, then fill out the form below.

Please read about the Farm Teams and the auditions below. If you qualify for an audition, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page to register for a spot.

  • Participants must have a minimum of one year of improv training and some performance experience in order to qualify for an audition.
  • Resumes are not required, but we ask that everyone bring a printed headshot to their audition. If you do not yet have a professional headshot, then you can bring any recent portrait photograph of yourself (even a well-lit cell photo will work).
  • We will be casting approximately 12 Farm Team members as well as 5 understudies. The initial obligation is 6 months.
  • We are looking for improvisors who are interested in pushing themselves to become better performers and who are ready to take direction and challenge themselves in order to do so.
  • This is an unpaid position, but Farm Team members will receive free coaching from a range of Home Team members. Michael Hovitch and Mike McGettigan will be the first coaches initially working with the new players. 
  • There will be occasion review periods where we will assess each participant’s progress. If a member is not meeting the demands established of the program, they may be dismissed from the program at the discretion of Planet Ant's coaches and staff.
  • We have plans to start the program, but the future of the Farm Team may go in many different directions. Initially, Farm Team members will perform as part of our new Thursday night line-up, but the future of the team will largely be determined by its coaches and participants.
  • Students trained in Planet Ant’s leveled program may have a leg up in the auditions, since they will be more familiar with the skills promoted in our classes, but anyone with an appropriate level of experience may be accepted into this program.
  • Here’s an approximate rundown of what you can expect from the audition:
    • 5 to 6 auditioners will be called at a time.
    • Paired scenes. We will choose the folks to do scenes together and we will call scene.
    • 3 through the door. Auditioners do a character exercise showing 3 different characters.
    • Silent scenes. We will pair auditioners to do short silent scenes built on nonverbal emotional connection.
  • Here are some suggestions to help give you a strong audition: 
    • Character and relationships are at the center of much of what we do at Planet Ant. We’re looking for actorly improvisors who pursue well defined characters (strong wants, distinct POV, emotion, physicality, etc.) to help find these connections.
    • We’re looking for strong listeners who use this skill to show support for their scene partners. Follow the follower.
    • Performers should be comfortable using things like emotion, status and subtext in order to create strong connections between their theirselves and their scene partners.
  • Call back auditions may be scheduled in the week following the initial auditions.
  • There are many different ways that this program can develop, each of them exciting! We can’t wait to see what fun our new Farm Teamers will get up to!

All applicants must fill out this form completely in order to register for an audition spot. We will then contact you with your audition time.

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