Improv Mondays are now at Ant Hall.

Improv Monday is our longest running and most popular show. Each week's hilarious night of comedy includes a special guest troupe opening for our renowned Home Team, then we close the night with our free open improv Ant Jam.

Every Monday at 8pm. Tickets are $5*

Improv comedy has been a tradition at Planet Ant since the early days of our theatre. It all started over 15 years ago when our Improv Colony Home Team was founded by Second City Alums Margaret Edwartowski, Nancy Edwards, and Josh Funk. This celebrated troupe has been performing each week ever since.

Through the years, our improv family has grown to nearly forty members as new performers join the fold and others move on to new opportunities throughout the country. With such a large group of performers, you'll never know who you might see on on any given Monday. Although no show is ever the same, one thing is for certain, the laughs are always plentiful.

Check out the video below to learn a bit more about the Home Team and improv at the Ant.

*Tickets available for purchase at the door only. The box-office opens one half hour before showtime.

The Planet Ant Improv Colony Home Team is our resident group of improvisers that performs every week as part of our Monday night show. Comprised of some of Metro Detroit's best comedic performers, the Home Team is a tradition almost as old as the theatre itself. Its roots began over a decade ago with a half a dozen original players, but over the years the troupe has grown to include over thirty members. 

Since the beginning Home Team members have come and gone as they pursue other projects and opportunities, but the Planet Ant stage is always a welcome place for our improv family – once a Home Team member, always a Home Team member. That's why you'll never know just who you'll see take our stage on a Monday night, but one thing is for'll always be in for a treat!

Active Players -
Dyan Bailey, Lauren Bickers, Dave Davies, Margaret Edwartowski, Garrett Fuller, Shawn Handlon, Joe Hingelberg, Michael Hovitch, Louie Krause, Mike McGettigan, Sean McGettigan, Travis Pelto, Tara Rase, and Mark Sobolewski.

Alumni - 
Nate Dufort, Nancy Edwards, Elana Elyce, Anne Faba, Steve Forbes, Joshua Funk, Brett Guennell, David Herbst, Peter Jacokes, Pj Jacokes, Suzie Jacokes, Bryan Lark, Jaime Moyer, Matt Naas, Jen Nischan, Adam Peacock, Amy Phillips, Mollie Platt, Keith Reay, Sam Richardson, Tim Robinson, Mathhias Schneider, Jamen Spitzer, Denise Swindell, Patti Taylor, and Mikey Wilson.

Upcoming Guest Teams

5/1 - Brains 'N Braids

5/8 - Magic & Preach

5/15 - Brenda

5/22 - Night Bird

5/29 - Detroit Unscripted

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