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Mike McGettigan

How long have you been performing?
Since 1996

What motivated you to start improvising?
I really loved comedy and always wanted to be part of something like Kids In The Hall or Monty Python. I've always had a strong feeling that comedy is an art just as important as any other art form.

How did you get involved at Planet Ant?
I was doing an improv show at a bar called the Road Runner's Raft in Hamtramck on Monday nights when a guy named Mark Mikula told me that Monday was the day some theatre called Planet Ant does their show. We changed the date of our show and promptly started coming to Mondays at the Ant.

What shows have you performed in?
Tales From The Script, A Number, See You Next Doomsday, Bringing Up Baby New Year, Cancer: The Musical, Pedro Orcini's Penniless Parade Of Players, Motoprism, The Weekend, Pink Thunderbird ...There's more... Those are just the ones at the Ant

What are some of your favorite shows you've been in and why?
A Number - I got schooled on acting in a very personal way and it forever changed my life.
Pedro Orcini's - Still one of my favorite on stage experiences as an improviser.
Tales From The Script - My introduction to Shawn Handlon, Dave Davies and Quintin Hicks. 3 people that had a huge influence on me.

A fun, memorable moment from a Monday Night:
Anytime I kiss Hovitch.

What do you do outside of the theatre?
Teach improv, teach computers, work with senior citizens.

Who are some of your comedy heroes?
Phil Hartman - always my favorite
Peter Sellers - an incredible performer that created amazing characters and was incredible with physicality
Rowan Atkinson - breathtaking physicality and character work
Still so many more to name

What's one piece of advice you'd give to someone interested in starting improv?
Do. Don't think.