Planet Ant Video Night

The next Video Night has been rescheduled to January 24th as part of the Saturday Night Home Team Show!

Doors at 10:30pm | $5

Video night is back! Each month's show features our new comedy short contest, as well as a variety of other curated short films and sketch comedy videos. The contest is open to any wannabe filmmakers who want to submit a two minute or under entry based on the monthly suggestion. Audience votes will pick a prize-winning favorite every month!

"Didgeridoo / Tick" is the audience provided suggest 

Whether you're a filmmaker or just a lover of good comedy, Planet Ant Video Night is sure to be a blast!



1. All videos must be submitted - NO LATER THAN, Saturday, January 24th at 3PM! – via downloadable link sent to this email.

2. All videos must be two minutes or under. Any video above two minutes is automatically ineligible.

3. The monthly suggestion must clearly influence your submission. Videos that do not comply will be ineligible.

3. The video must make its debut at Planet Ant, after which you may do with it as you please.

4. Planet Ant Home Team members will choose which videos will be shown on Video Night, but as long as you follow the submission guidelines you can expect your video to play.

5. Planet Ant Home Team members will choose a limited amount of videos to feature on the Planet Ant YouTube channel in a monthly playlist.

6. You are not required to be at Planet Ant for your video to be shown though we do encourage it.

Contact us with any questions.