Intermediate Improv 3

Intermediate Improv 3

165.00 190.00

The next 6-week session:

Session A | Wednesdays | March 7 - April 11 | 7-10 pm

Instructor: Sean McGettigan

Session B | Wednesdays | March 7 - April 11 | 7-10 pm

Instructor: Mike McGettigan

Intermediate Improv 3 will introduce new concepts and help you polish the skills you've learned thus far. Students will continue to explore scene work and long-form styles. Each class will hone in on a favorite form or experiment with creating a new form signature to their group. You'll also learn auditioning techniques in preparation for entry into our Advanced Program.

The session will end with a class show as part of one of our Student Showcase nights.

In order to qualify for Intermediate 3, you must have completed our Intermediate 2 class within the last 6 months.

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