Musical Improv (August/September 2018)

Musical Improv (August/September 2018)

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For years Planet Ant has been winning awards with its comedy musicals and music based productions.  Have you ever wanted to add music to your improv scenes?  Now you can.  In each class you'll be learning musical improv from 2 of Planet Ant's instructors who will guide you into creating improvised music in your scenes.  You will be taken from the most basic beginnings into adding harmonies and even dance moves.  No singing experience is needed.  Get up and have your voice heard.

Musical Improv is 6 weeks and culminates in a class show.

No audition required.  Students must have completed an introductory improv program at any theatre.

Sessions offered this term:

Musical Improv | Wednesdays, 7p-10p | Location: TBA | Mikey Brown/Mike McGettigan

In order to qualify for any level of instruction, you must have completed the previous level; price includes an online processing fee; Class times and locations are subject to change, please refer to for the most up to date information on class times and locations.

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