Intermediate Improv (August/September 2018)

Intermediate Improv (August/September 2018)

165.00 190.00

Our Intermediate level begins digging into the deeper elements of improvisation.  Acting, honesty, styles, relationships, connections, motivations, tropes and slightly more advanced long-form improv forms will be some of the topics covered.  A class show will complete each level.  All classes are six weeks in length.

New students with previous experience may audition into our Intermediate improv section. All students must audition in order to qualify for the Intermediate Improv section.

Audition Date: TBA

Sessions offered this term:

Intermediate 1A | Thursdays, 7p-10p | Location: TBA | Instructor: TBA

Intermediate 2A | Tuesdays, 7p-10p | Location: TBA | Instructor: TBA

In order to qualify for any level of instruction, you must have completed the previous level; price includes an online processing fee; Class times and locations are subject to change, please refer to for the most up to date information on class times and locations.

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