Sketch To Video (August/September 2018)

Sketch To Video (August/September 2018)

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Learn to create short videos one step at a time  Students will be slowly introduced to creating their own videos one essential piece at a time.  Beginning with learning the language of film and writing, then filming and in camera editing, editing, sound and lights students will culminate the course with a group project of their choice.  A 5 part web series or a festival ready short.  No special equipment required.  If you have a cell phone then you have all you need to get started.  Each class is six weeks in length.

Sessions offered this term:

Sketch To Video 4 | Saturdays | Location: TBA | Instructor: TBA

In order to qualify for any level of instruction, you must have completed the previous level; price includes an online processing fee; Class times and locations are subject to change, please refer to for the most up to date information on class times and locations.

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