Intro To Improv 1

Intro To Improv 1

165.00 190.00

The next 6-week session:

Session A | Mondays | March 5 - April 15 | 7-10 pm.

Instructor: Jaclynn Cherry

Session B | Mondays | March 5 - April 15 | 7-10 pm. (IF NEEDED)

Instructor: TBA

Session C | Saturdays | March 5 - April 15 | 11 am - 2 pm

Instructor: Andy Reid

Your improv education starts with Intro to Improv 1 where your seasoned instructor will create a safe and supportive environment, allowing you to learn the skills you’ll need to become a successful performer. You’ll be introduced to the fundamentals of improvised comedy and build your confidence through exercises focusing on listening, agreement, spontaneity, object work, and basic scene development.

This class is perfect for anyone from the experienced improviser looking to learn Planet ant's unique style to the complete novice looking to discover how improv can change their lives for the better when it comes to meeting new people, speaking in public, feeling more confident, and just having more fun!

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