Intro To Improv 2

Intro To Improv 2

165.00 190.00

Session A | Mondays | April 30 - June 4| 7-10 pm

Instructor: Sean McGettigan

Session B | Saturdays | May 5 - June 9| 11 am-2 pm

Instructor: Shawn Handlon


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In this class, you will hone the basic improv fundamentals that were introduced in Intro to Improv 1. You will continue to add new skills to your improv toolbox as you learn techniques for creating memorable characters and rich environments that will further flesh out your scenes.

In order to qualify for Intro 2, you must have completed our Intro 1 class within the last 6 months.

Please note, students will be placed in the same class day unless special arrangements are made. 

*Please note that the price includes an online processing fee.