Planet Ant Masters Class

Planet Ant Masters Class

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Saturdays | May 5 - June 23 | 11 am - 2 pm

Instructor: Margaret Edwartowski

Session Length: 8 Weeks

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Audition required. Registration will be open after auditions, which will be held Sunday, April 22, starting at 11:00 am. To sign up for an audition slot, please email Thank you.

This course is a culmination of the skills you have developed through the Planet Ant Training Center (or other training center program) experience. Over the eight-week course, participants will work with one of our acclaimed instructors to develop a unique improvised show form, and then debut the finished product for a six-week run during the Comedy Slice Block Party show on Thursday nights at Ant Hall. 

The show will take whatever form you, as a group along with our director as director, want it to take. During the last two weeks of class, you will perform "preview" shows during the Comedy Slice Block Party show to tweak and perfect the show before its official debut the week after the course ends. 

In order to qualify for the Masters program, you must have graduated from our training center, or another improv program offered at another theater. You must also participate in an improv audition. 

Next audition date: TBA; To sign up for an audition slot, please email with the subject: Masters Class Auditions. 

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