Sketch 2 - The Mechanics of Sketch Writing

Sketch 2 - The Mechanics of Sketch Writing

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The next 6-week session: 

Tuesdays | May 1 - June 5 | 7-10 pm
Instructor: Lauren Bickers

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In The Mechanics of Sketch Writing, students will learn to deepen their understanding of the tools that can be utilized to create well-written sketch comedy. Students will employ multiple sources for inspiration, from real world events to personal stories, and learn how to turn any idea into a fully realized comedy sketch. By the end of the course, students will have finished a minimum of 5 sketches.

Students should have one 3-5 page sketch written specifically for week 1 of the course.

Please note, in order to qualify for Sketch 2, you must have completed our Sketch 1 class within the last six months.

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