Sketch 3 - Further Exploration of Sketch

Sketch 3 - Further Exploration of Sketch

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Next 6-Week session:

Wednesdays | May 2 - June 6 | 7-10 pm

Instructor: Shawn Handlon

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The class will use scripts and videos from famous comedy shows as examples on how to write comedy in multiple styles, focusing on comedy for the stage. Students will learn to write in and identify styles such as farce, parody, screwball, dark humor, satire, blue, surreal and more. By the end of the course, students will have finished a minimum of 6 sketches.

Students should have one 3-5 page sketch written specifically for week 1 of the course.

In order to qualify for Sketch Writing 3, you must have completed our Sketch Writing 2 class within the last six months. Email with any questions you may have.

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