The Ant Farm


We’re really not sure right now… The Ant Farm is going to be taking some time off so that we can continue to bring you the high-quality shows you love so much!

Currently, we have only been able to accept scripts from local authors so that they could attend the day of the show to get audience feedback. The lack of submissions each month has been sadly discouraging – beyond those amazing authors who DID submit.

We’re working on a plan to open our submission process to everyone, anywhere! I mean, why not? With technology such as it is… not to mention our new space opening soon! 

Including playwrights from beyond the Detroit metro area will increase our audience and online presence. That means more eyes and ears on our incredible local talent – writers AND performers! They deserve more exposure and, dammit, we’re going to get them some!

So, we’ll update, and plug away, once the new plan is launched. In the meantime, if you’re willing to share YOUR ideas on how we can make the Ant Farm even better than it is, send them along to If they’re feasible and beneficial, we will happily steal them and take all the credit.