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The Fall

October 14-29  |  Fridays & Saturdays at 8pm

Tickets – $10.50*

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Planet Ant Theatre and the winning troupe of the 2016 Colony Fest present The Fall - a quirky and creative romantic comedy spiked with DRAMA!, PLOT TWISTS! and SPEED! 

Grace, played by Jaclynn Cherry, is your typical dog-loving, jelly-eating, 30-year-old who’s being pushed to find love by an overbearing mother. Mitch, played by Michael Owen Smith, is your average 33-year-old bachelor who loves to play “the cool uncle” and, coincidentally, enjoys eating peanut butter of all things. Could these be the right ingredients for a successful romance? Find out what happens to Grace and Mitch in this hysterical original one-act. 

Featuring Jaclynn Cherry & Michael Owen Smith
Directed by Lauren Bickers
Assistant Director Moni Jones
Written by the Cast & Director

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