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Travis Pelto

How long have you been performing?
On and off since I was 12.

What motivated you to start improvising?
I saw my cousin perform at a Second City Detroit class show and immediately begged by dad to sign me up for them. I did that program three times over the years, then joined my high school's improv club.

How did you get involved at Planet Ant?
By watching Monday Night's improv shows and taking Margaret Edwartowski's Saturday workshops.

What shows have you performed in?
Joe Vs. The Travis, Champions., Antenna, and Monday Night Improv.

What are some of your favorite shows you've been in and why?
I enjoyed writing and performing in all of them, but Champions. holds a special place in my heart because Rj Cach was dressed up like Freddie Mercury for every show.

A fun, memorable moment from a Monday Night:
It's impossible to pick one, but anytime Sean McGettigan does a southern accent it's a good time.

What do you do outside of the theatre?
My day job is copywriting for an ad agency, specifically social media for a certain car company. Other than that, I like hot sauce, reading and a nice video game on a calm Sunday evening.

Who are some of your comedy heroes?
My first exposure to comedy was Archie comics, so read into that however you want. My biggest comedy idols are Leslie Nielsen, The Kids in The Hall, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Mitch Hedberg, Mike Judge and Gary Larson.

What's one piece of advice you'd give to someone interested in starting improv?
Just listen. Don't try to force ideas or be the funny one, just listen to your surroundings and react.