nicolas uncaged V

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The time has come for the most epic event in the history of the universe--


Nicolas Uncaged V


February 17 | Ant Hall | 2320 Caniff | Hamtramck

$20 | **ON SALE for $15 through January!!**

Doors open @ 7p


Last year was our largest event yet with 270 tickets sold--a near sell out for a gigantic venue. It was the largest liquor sales night in the history of Planet Ant. This year we are starting the planning early to promise the most insane love fest of our one true god--Cage.


As always, we will have a social hour prior to the films and an intermission for songs, poems, skits and other performances inspired by the cinematic achievements of Nicolas Cage. There will be entertainment, prizes, shirts, costumes, alcohol, music, surprises and Cage. This year's festival will be returning to the Planet Ant Hall in Hamtramck and will feature ample seating and a bar on site separate from the viewing area.


-Doors Open

-Social Hour

-First Movie: National Treasure

-OPEN MIC (poems, songs, spoken word and stories inspired by Cage)

-Second Movie: Wild at Heart

-After Party


*online sales include a small service fee.

Presented by Planet Ant | a 501(c)(3) non-profit

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