Thank you for your interest in playing at the first annual VERSUS Improv Tournament year's. Please read all the submission guidelines before filling out the form below. 

• Times will be filled on a first come first serve basis.
• Each improviser is only allowed to perform in two troupes throughout the festival.
• A $40 registration fee must be paid online within 24 hours after being accepted in order to lock in your timeslot. We will provide a payment link once your registration has been confirmed.
• Previous winning troupes are non-eligible (not applicable this year).
• Improv troupes not directly affiliated with Planet Ant are eligible to compete.
• Four finalists will be chosen by audience votes on the first four nights of the festival.
• Performers who purchase a ticket are eligible to cast one vote.
• The overall winner will be determined on Thursday, May 4 by a panel of Planet Ant judges.
• Troupe members not able to perform at the finals are not eligible to win.
• The winning troupe will win a 8 week Thursday night run at Ant Hall and couching from a TBD Home Team member. A rehearsal schedule will be determined by the troupe and coach.

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