Intro to The Meisner Approach for Improv

Intro to The Meisner Approach for Improv

Taught By Andrew Gallant, of Chicago's Green Shirt Studio and the DePaul University Theatre School

Sunday, October 15



Learn "the reality of doing" from Sanford Meisner’s groundbreaking techniques taught by certified expert Andrew Gallant, when he visits Planet Ant Oct. 15.

Meisner's exercises are a perfect complement to improv.  Stop thinking. Start doing. Be a better improviser and get trained to react without the hindrance of thought. Learn to “live truthfully under imaginary circumstances.”

Meisner's innovative, step-by-step series of improvisational exercises will train you to be thoroughly responsive, emotionally alive, spontaneous and absolutely grounded in the reality of what is happening at any given moment with any given person. These foundational exercises will get you out of your head and into being absolutely present to the world around you and the people you share it with.

$50 (Space limited to 20 students)

About Andrew Gallant:

Andrew holds an MFA in Acting from DePaul University’s Theatre School, a BA in Theater from the University of Wisconsin – Madison and a postgraduate Diploma from the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts.

He became a fully certified instructor of the Meisner Approach by completing the two-year certification process taught by actor, author and master Meisner teacher Larry Silverberg.

Andrew co-founded Green Shirt Studio with his wife, Sommer Austin. Along with teaching and coaching at Green Shirt, he is an adjunct professor at The Theatre School at DePaul University.

Character Wheel With Jaime Moyer

*price includes service fee

Sunday  |  October 22  |  1:00 - 3:30

Character Wheel
At the heart of good improv is great character work. In this workshop we will discover ways to create and sustain characters in the moment. Through details and heightening this course will help you play anyone but yourself. We will also work on creating characters (not caricatures) on the spot and following through. A must take for anyone who wants to push and heighten their scene play.

About Jaime:
Jaime Moyer is an alum of the University of Detroit-Mercy, The Second City-Detroit, and is a current member of the acting unions SAG-AFTRA and AEA. She was awarded the sole prize of Maestro at The Out of Bounds Comedy Festival in Austin, Texas in 2011. Jaime recently appeared on Modern Family, and shes had guest starring roles on Parks and Recreation, 2 Broke Girls, Jennifer Falls, and has a recurring role as Mrs. Goldfeder on Disney’s hit show KC Undercover. Jaime is the creator of the viral hit “Fancy Catz” which can be seen on YouTube at the Second City Network, and has appeared in several short and feature length films. She has been teaching courses in acting and improvisation since 2002. Along with consistently teaching courses at The Second City in both Detroit and Los Angeles, Jaime has taught all over the country, including workshops at Washington Improv Theater, Dallas Comedy House, Unscrewed Theater, The Siren Theater, Planet Ant Theater, Improv Utopia Camp, and many others. She's taught abroad in England, and will be teaching this Spring at Improv Utopia in Ireland. She can be seen performing weekly at The Second City Hollywood and iO WEST in Los Angeles, California.