Intro Clowning

Intro Clowning


Intro Clowning
Make your improv physical, unbound and joyfully stupid with the art of clowning. This workshop pushes performers towards a new level on stage. Placing obstacles and restrictions meant to simplify the student’s performance, we will achieve play. Adding a good dose of absurdity, we will find freedom.

What do Sacha Baron Cohen, Geoffrey Rush, Isla Fisher and Toby Jones have in common? They were all students of Lecoq’s techniques. Lecoq pedagogy is a theater training based in movement with elements of mime and improvisation and is the inspiration for the exercises used in this workshop. It all starts with fundamental physical exercises which will lead into red-nose improvisation. This 3 hour session mines the captivating, untapped corners of each individual performer to release the unfettered joy of hilarious physicality.

Take your improv skill to the next level and captivate your audience in ways you never thought possible.

Students should wear something comfortable. No red noses necessary.

Enrollment is limited to 15 students

Ages 18+ (Mature high-schoolers may inquire)

Student Testimonial:
"Recently I got to take a clowning/movement workshop with Paul, which I have not stopped raving about. The workshop I took helped me to feel more comfortable with movement on stage, as well as showing me a connection to character that I had not previously had. He was smart and passionate. I would highly recommend any further workshops or classes with him."
- JR Stuhrberg, student

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Paul Manganello is an actor and writer. As a co-founder of Fratellanza Theater, he has written and performed in The Judge (2018), The Mute Quire (Best International Production, Galway Fringe 2014), String Up the Moon (Detroit Design Festival, 2013), and Zealous Whig (Pursuit Chicago, 2011 & 2016). Recently, he conceived and choreographed the dance short Five After Five (ArtLab J), performed the solo show Balloonacy for children in Flint and contributed to UnTheatre's Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind. As teacher: Professional Performing Arts School in New York; the Detroit School of Arts; workshops around Michigan. Training: 2012 Fulbright Arts Scholarship to Scuola Teatro Dimitri; École LASSAAD; Malcolm Tulip (University of Michigan).