Improv is Already the Next Big Thing

What do the NYPD, the CEO of Twitter, or MIT’s business school have in common?  They use improv to build their teams.  Improv has been cited by dozens of scientific studies for its incredible ability to create more positive outcomes in day-to-day situations.

Thousands of companies are utilizing the techniques of improv to develop individuals that communicate more effectively, are more creative, have better public speaking skills, and promote positivity in their personal interactions.

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what makes us so special?

A 25 Year Legacy

Founded in part by Keegan Michael Key (Key & Peele), our 501(c)(3) non-profit has been a mainstay of Detroit comedy and a home to many other film and television stars.

Over the years the artists of Planet Ant have written and performed hundreds of shows, won countless awards, trained hundreds of students and served as an improv training ground for the national market. 

The Planet Ant Theatre and Training Center have continued to thrive due to their commitment to excellent improv. For over 25 years, our theater continues to perform one of the world’s longest running improvisational revues.

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We Deliver

We'll come to your location and bring connection, confidence, and laughter.  We'll leave your team feeling energized for weeks.  

Or Come To Us

Get your team inspired in one of the Ant Works classrooms or theatres.  We have multiple spaces at the ready.

World-Class Instructors

The extensive pedigree of our educators is demonstrated through their attention to team development. Our experienced staff guarantee the highest level of instruction. 

Many of our instructors have over a decade experience teaching and performing.


What We Can Do For You.


Our instructors lead your group through time-tested exercises and games allowing them to learn team-focused skills while having a great time.  Ask for a current quote of workshops we can offer you or we can help you create a workshop that's just the right fit.

We can create just about anything

Scripted comedy, live improv, custom shows, storytelling, and more. There’s a reason we’ve been winning awards for 25 years.

Meet one on one with our writers. Planet Ant has decades of experience writing original, award-winning comedy shows. 

[Improv] is the most important group work since the building of the pyramids.
— Bill Murray
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