the 2018/2019 theatrical season is currently underway!

(please check back regularly for ongoing audition opportunities throughout the year)



JUNE 30 & july 7

sunday | 12-5p | ant hall

Planet Ant Theatre announces general auditions for the NEW Planet Ant Farm Team — an exciting expansion of the current improv-and-sketch-comedy-based groups developing at Planet Ant since 2017.

The Farm Team is an Artistic Fellowship for creative people who are excited about honing their skills and getting more active in the Planet Ant community. All levels of experience are encouraged to audition!

While members of the Farm Team are expected to adhere to rehearsal and performance schedules, said obligations are determined by availability and performances are divided amongst rotating casts.


All levels welcome. Auditions will consist of cold readings from scripted work and improvisation.


Coached primarily by Shawn Handlon, Mike McGettigan, & Andy Reid — with support from the entire Planet Ant Administrative Team — the Farm Team will:

  • Incorporate a wide breadth of onstage and behind-the-scenes opportunities in both theoretical and practical application; including but not limited to: hands-on learning experience in improv, sketch, acting, directing, writing, producing, stage management, hosting, and overall show development.

  • Offer a variety of performance opportunities, with stage access to all of Planet Ant Theatre’s venues: the Black Box Theater, Ant Hall, Independent Comedy Club, and Ghost Light Bar. All stages serve a unique purpose and facilitate distinctive performance styles; Farm Team members will have the opportunity to explore these different styles through their involvement in the program.

  • Offer individuals freedom to customize their own Farm Team experience and prioritize select opportunities within the program, though all members are encouraged to maximize the experience by exploring all facets of the program.

Expectations of Planet Ant Farm Team Fellows (rotating casts based on availability):

  • Regular attendance at weekly improv & sketch rehearsals

  • Participation in development of Friday & Saturday late-night shows; concentration on developing new hybrid shows and improv forms/styles

  • Participation in development and production of weekly Thursday Night Live

  • Participation in and management of weekly Barprov Open Mic

  • Participation in development and production of three scripted one-act shows; developed through the Ant Process style and performed in the Planet Ant Black Box during the 2019/2020 theatrical season

  • One-year term: includes a mid-year evaluation; members not fulfilling minimum requirements of contract will be replaced through another open audition process

Planet Ant Farm Team Perks:

  • Weekly training in improv & sketch comedy, acting, directing, writing, producing, stage management, hosting, and overall show development

  • Percentage payout of tickets sales for scripted Black Box shows

  • Discounted Training Center classes year-round

  • Exclusive access to custom workshops and opportunities within the Planet Ant community

  • Marquee performance opportunities including but not limited to Detroit Women of Comedy Festival, Colony Fest, Versus, Planet Ant Holiday Blowout

  • Expanded performance opportunities through national festivals and touring to regional and national partner venues

  • Free admission to all improv shows; half-off admission to all additional Planet Ant shows at all venues*

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[Planet Ant is committed to providing equal opportunity and non-discrimination in all aspects of our theatrical productions and various entertainment platforms. With exception to productions where race or gender is required to serve that specific story, casting is always decided to ensure our productions are of the highest quality and artistic integrity. Planet Ant does not and shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion (creed), gender, gender expression, age, national origin (ancestry), disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or military status, in any of its activities or operations.]

*restrictions may apply; some special events excluded