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The inaugural Planet Ant Sketch-to-Video graduating class is holding auditions!

Over the Moon: a short film written by Dan Zemke, Ellen Stachowicz, Kyle O’Neil and Mike McGettigan.

Over the Moon tells the story of two former friends-with-benefits, Alexis and Trent, coming together one last time before the world ends as the moon, now knocked out of orbit, collides into earth. We are seeking three actors and two production assistant positions, this is a paid opportunity. The video is set to premier in a Thursday Night Slot this October, as well as on the Planet Ant Youtube video page.


Alexis - 20/30’s; taking one last bold, risk by searching for Trent before the world ends to rekindle a flame they once had as a way to find closure for not only what they once had, but for all of mankind.

Trent - 20/30’s; settled down and has moved on from Alexis since their friendship years ago. He has reluctantly accepted the fate of the earth and Alexis’s invitation for one last hoorah.

Chad* - Any age, a deranged man who meets his end by Alexis. *Only called for one day of shooting.


WALK-IN’S WELCOME — will be seen on a first-come-first-serve basis as time permits.


Saturday & Sunday | 8/17 & 8/18 | Planet Ant Black Box

“as they like it”: adapted & Directed by jared scott morin

Performance Dates: 10/11 — 10/27

“Like traditional Shakespeare.... but MAKE IT GAY!”

In this adaptation of one of The Bard’s best comedies, we meet Roz and Celia, trapped on a farm with Celia’s bigoted father, Duke Frederick, and their strange farmhand Touchstone. They quickly decide they must flee to the magical City of Arden! Here they will meet an array of characters including angry drag queens, bawdy babes outside of the gender binary, haus mother’s, and even DIVINE herself. In this whimsical queer rewrite of the hilarious classic, we see the persistence of chosen family, queer liberation, and the obvious fact that LOVE is LOVE!

FOR AUDITIONS: please prepare a dramatic Shakespearean monologue and make all of the wrong choices. Find new circumstances, explore the humor, have fun!

Note from the director- all casting decisions will be driven by diversity and representation. Come play!

Character Breakdown / Roles Available*:

Roz(Q/M): A closeted gay man stuck on his uncle’s farm with dreams of escaping to the big city and becoming a famous drag queen. 

Celia(Q/F): A confused woman looking for love and herself, trapped in the clutches of her homophobic father. 

Duke Frederick(M): A phobic POS interested only in fun sucking, joy stealing, and scaring others into not being their true self. 

Orlando(M): A young man escaping his abusive family to find liberation in the City of Arden. Energetic, naive, and curious. 

Le Beau(M/F): A big dingus that can’t pick up on social cues. This role will be male presenting. 

Touchstone(Q/NB/T): The clown of the play. Clever, cunning, and still kind of a turd. Open to love, a total tinker bell ready to die without applause and attention. 

Jacques(F/M/Q/NB/T): A jaded academic. Astute, intellectual, and just kinda sad, they seek to learn about themselves through others. 

Audrey(Q/NB/T): a trash qween that does whatever she wants. Audrey is a big, loud bawd ready to throw herself at the world, but is the world ready to catch her?

The Dutchess(F): Mother of Arden. Emulating some of the most historic female allies of queer history, she is the heart of the city. Regal, elegant, and deeply caring. 

Divine, The Goddess of Marriage(F): literally DIVINE if she could officiate weddings (and she probably could).

Phebe(Q/NB/T): The legend, the fish, the c*nt in the good way.. AND maybe the bad, too. Ready to spill ALLLL the tea and kiki the house down. A force to be reckoned with. A true queen. What she holds in beauty, is matched by bitchy. 

Silvius(Q/M): Phebe’s assistant. Devoted only to her, and very possibly in love with her. Meek, timid, obedient, but surprisingly can take it and dish it back times 10. 

*Some actors will play more than one role!

Appointments are available & encouraged, walk-ins welcome! Headshot & Resume required (submit online when you sign-up for an audition slot).

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Actors will be paid a stipend upon completion of their contracted performance run.

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[Planet Ant is committed to providing equal opportunity and non-discrimination in all aspects of our theatrical productions and various entertainment platforms. With exception to productions where race or gender is required to serve that specific story, casting is always decided to ensure our productions are of the highest quality and artistic integrity. Planet Ant does not and shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion (creed), gender, gender expression, age, national origin (ancestry), disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or military status, in any of its activities or operations.]