Improv is about PLAY

As children, we build our own worlds — playing with dolls and action figures, constructing lego empires, creating intergalactic adventures on the playground...  Improv training through Planet Ant reintroduces play and imagination into your adult life and offers a community of like-minded, hilarious, creative people to free you from the constraints of your 9-to-5 and get back to being an astronaut, a giant, a ghost, a queen, or whatever you can imagine.

Why do we need play?

Learning to improvise is about much more than just theatrical performance.  Improv has been proven to help with public speaking, social anxiety, communication and creativity. There are countless articles recounting the use of improv by scientists, the NYPD and business of all regards.

The Ant Style:

Our style of improv is taught from an acting-based perspective, which is based in relationships, emotional connections, character and the human experience. We offer three levels, from beginner to intermediate to advanced, to ease all newcomers into the world of improv and increasingly challenge you as you gain experience and knowledge.

We focus on ‘long form’ improv. Long form improv is a style of improv not bound by games that centers on scene work, allowing an organic creation in our improvisational shows

It’s easy!

Our classes make improv easy. Our instructors work hard to build on each skill that makes you forget that you’re learning a new skill and leaves you laughing with a new group of friends.


Adding music to your improv can take you to an entirely new level of creativity and exploration in comedic storytelling. Musical improv takes music and adds it to improvised scenes, creating a never before scene musical with every scene. Students are taught the basics of improvised songwriting within the structure of basic improv games.

You don’t have to be a professional singer or dancer in order to create these easy peasy musical scenes. Our classes start by focusing on the simple fun of music and creation and bring you to a place where you’re having a blast creating musical scenes that have never been done before.


Learn how to take the best parts of your improv and put in on a page for scripted work! Have you ever watched Mr. Show, The Chappelle Show, Kids in the Hall, Monty Python, Key and Peele or any other sketch comedy show and thought,  “I’d love to know how to do that”?

Our sketch teachers are the best that Metro Detroit has to offer and have a wealth of experience and ability. Start with the basics and end with a writing portfolio and a full-fledged live stage sketch show, which you and your classmates write, cast and help direct.


I have an idea. I know it’d make a killer movie. Does that sound like you?  This class takes that idea you've been sitting on and makes turning it into a stack of pages that you’re ready to send out into a step by step easy process.

Take a class that makes getting your project done a reality: learn how to finally get that screenplay you’ve been keeping locked up in your head out of hiding and onto the page!