Colony Fest Registration

Colony Fest Registration

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July 15 — 19 | Ant Hall


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Monday—Friday | July 15—19 | Ant Hall


An Improv Comedy Tournament

More than 20 troupes will enter this five-night improv comedy competition, but only one will be crowned Colony Fest 2019 champions. Come cast a vote each night to help us decide who goes on to the finals — for a chance to win the opportunity to work with a Planet Ant director, to create a NEW original comedy show to be featured in our 2019-20 season!

Round One:
Monday through Thursday, winners will be decided by an audience vote.

Final Round:
Saturday night's grand prize winner is determined by a panel of judges (TBA)


  • Planet Ant Home Team Members are not permitted to compete in Colony Fest.

  • Planet Ant Farm Team members may compete as long as the troupe is not comprised of a majority of Farm Team members (troupe composition refers to those present on the day of performance).

  • Troupes cannot be larger than 5 individual members

  • Early registration closes on 7/2/2019

  • Registration closes on 7/9/2019.

  • Accepted performers will be notified of submission status and performance date on or before 7/11/2018.

  • Four finalists will be chosen by audience votes on the first four nights of the festival.

  • All who purchase a ticket are eligible to cast one vote, including performers.

  • All paid tickets are eligible for one vote (one ticket per person, per night — no exceptions).

  • Troupe members are allowed to purchase one ticket but are not required to do so.

  • The overall winner will be determined on 7/21/18 by a panel of professional judges and audience vote.

  • The winning troupe will work with a Planet Ant director to develop and produce a show at the Planet Ant Black Box in the 2019-2020 Season.