Help fund the future of Planet Ant Theatre

We are in the midst of a transformation, and need your help to push us to the finish line!


Dear Planet Ant community, 

After celebrating our 30th anniversary last fall, Planet Ant is at a pivotal moment in our organization's future. Over the past six months, with the invaluable help of our staff and Board of Directors, the theater has been undergoing a significant transformation.

This has involved reevaluating all of our programs, overhauling our systems, and discovering new ways to connect with our community. Unfortunately, this has also meant making some tough financial decisions to keep costs down.

However, after months of sleepless nights, countless discussions, and hours of planning, I am confident we have the pieces in place to start building towards the next 30 years of Planet Ant. I’m excited to start sharing the results of our hard work. We’re on the brink of something special, but we can’t do it alone. We need your help.

First, we need your trust and support as we implement these changes. While everything may not be perfect initially, your feedback is essential for us to make continuous improvements.

Second…..we need your support financially. The summer months are tough for performance venues, and we’re low on gas. We need a little push to get us to the finish line.  

I shared some ways you can support below. Please share with your networks and support us however you can.

I’m excited to see what we can do, together.

Daniel Jackson
Interim Executive Director
Planet Ant Theatre

24/25 Planet Ant Season

Support us by purchasing a 2024/2025 Season Subscription for both the Ant Hall & Black Box Seasons at a special limited-time price of $100 (Ends August 1st).


Tax Deductible Giving

We are planning to renovate both Ant Hall and The Purple Building next year. While we are still finalizing the details, you can choose to dedicate your donation specifically to our renovation campaigns. Renovations will be completed based on the funds we raise.

Give at least $250 to be featured on a donor wall in one or both of our venues.

Give $1,000 or more for special custom recognition in the venue of your choice.

Ant Hall Renovations:
Stage Curtain Replacement | $2,500
Soundproofing & Acoustic Upgrades | $5,000
Lighting & Tech Refresh | $5,000
Stage Design & Interior Renovations | $12,500

Black Box Renovations:
Repaint the Exterior | $1,000
Interior Upgrades | $1,500
New Signage/Marquee | $7,500