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What is the Detroit Women of Comedy Festival’s mission?

Our mission is to provide a space for diverse perspectives celebrating women in comedy.

DWCF embraces women (and their allies) from near and far to meet, greet, share and showcase their comedic talents in a welcoming and encouraging environment. The festival focuses on diversity in comedy of all kinds including improv, stand-up, sketch and miscellaneous comedy as well as discussions and workshops.

DWCF is an inclusive event. All genders and identities are invited to perform and attend.


When and where is DWCF 2019?

DWCF will take place in Hamtramck, MI, at Planet Ant Theatre and Ant Hall from May 30 - June 2, 2019.


Is the festival only for women?

This is an inclusive festival for all genders and identities to come together in a show of support for women in comedy. While there may be a gender specific workshop or two, all are welcome to submit, attend and celebrate with us! We firmly believe in the importance of community and inclusiveness.


What kind of acts are you looking for?

We’re looking for comedy of all kinds, including improv, musical, sketch, stand up, and whatever other form of comedy you want to bring.


How do I submit an act or workshop?

Everyone can submit through our submissions page. Please fill out the submission form, and pay the fee. Please send any questions to detroitwomenofcomedyfest@gmail.com.


What are the submission fees?

Early submission: January 19-31 ($25)

Regular submission: February 1-28 ($35)

Late submission: March 1-9 ($45)

When will we be notified?

Accepted performers will be notified via email by April 10, 2019.


Do I need to have a video?

Yes, we are asking for a full, live, unedited stage performance of your show. If it’s a sketch show, we want to see that show. If it’s improv, we want to see your form. If it’s stand-up, we want to see your tight set.


Do you have any tips on selecting a video?

A good quality video is one that is easy to see and hear. We should be able to see and hear you (not the heads of audience members or the sound of a band next door). Additionally, a steady video focused on the stage with a good clear view allows us to really get the most out of your video. We’ll also be looking at the video content, audience engagement and laughs. Do not edit your performance. We want to see the show exactly as the audience did.


How do I send the video?

Please make sure your video is hosted somewhere that does not require us to download it (e.g., YouTube) AND is not password protected.


How long should the video be?

Stand ups: 5-10 minutes

Sketch: 20-30 minutes

Improv: 20-25 minutes


One of the cast is unsure of whether they can make it. What do I do?

Please list all currently confirmed performers in your submission. We understand that life happens and things may change, so we ask that you please let us know of any changes by emailing us at detroitwomenofcomedyfest@gmail.com.


Do I need to submit a picture?

Yes, we’ll use your high resolution picture for promo usage.


Can we submit our improv troupe on the Improv Network?

Yes, definitely.  We love the Improv Network. Submissions will be open on the Improv Network site soon.


What perks will the performers receive?

Performers will receive priority registration for workshops, discounts on workshops, swag bags, food, free admission to non-sold out shows during the festival, access to after parties, and more!


How can I get involved?

We love our volunteers, and couldn’t do this without them! If you’re interested in joining our squad, please email us at detroitwomenofcomedyfest@gmail.com.

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