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Students at the improv intro 4 level and above get to showcase their learned skills with our student show at the end of every six-week course! Shows are open to the public and are a great way to get a peek at what improv classes at the Ant are all about!

Next Student Showcase: Sunday, October 14 | Ant Hall | 8p

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October / november 2018

Semester Start: Week of October 15, 2018

Student Showcase: December 9, 2018

The goal of the Planet Ant Training Center is to provide the highest quality instruction possible while fostering a safe, welcoming, and inclusive environment to students from any and all backgrounds or identities.  It is important to all employees at Planet Ant to offer a supportive space where everyone can be free and safe to explore, learn and grow as an artist.

Please Contact us if you have any questions/comments/concerns.

Please see our Student Resources page for more information.

All students must be 18 or older. Classes must be purchased prior to start date. Payment Plans may be available upon request.

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