"As They Like It" Sponsorship Packages

"As They Like It" Sponsorship Packages

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As They Like It | October 11 - 27, 2019

Adapted and Directed by Jared Scott Morin

“Like traditional Shakespeare.... but MAKE IT GAY!”

In this adaptation of one of The Bard’s best comedies, we meet Roz and Celia, trapped on a farm with Celia’s bigoted father, Duke Frederick, and their strange farmhand Touchstone. They quickly decide they must flee to the magical City of Arden! Here they will meet an array of characters including angry drag queens, bawdy babes outside of the gender binary, haus mothers, and even DIVINE herself. In this whimsical queer rewrite of the hilarious classic, we see the persistence of chosen family, queer liberation, and the obvious fact that LOVE is LOVE!

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