Nicolas UnCaged 6(66) | SECRET TIX

Nicolas UnCaged 6(66) | SECRET TIX


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Saturday | February 23 | Ant Hall


The date is set for the sixth annual gathering of Cage. Last year, we sold 300+ tickets, thousands in food and booze, showed a Disney film immediately after David Lynch film, and had the most epic open mic to date with around 12 performers. As we are already plotting some insane ideas this will be the most absurd celebration of Cage yet.

As always, we will have a social hour prior to the films and an intermission for songs, poems, skits and other performances inspired by the cinematic achievements of Nicolas Cage. However, we're flirting with adding a few additional spectacles that are sure to set the roof on fire.

There will be entertainment, prizes, shirts, costumes, alcohol, music, surprises and Cage. This year's festival will be returning to the Planet Ant Hall in Hamtramck and will feature ample seating and a bar on site separate from the viewing area.

Presented by Planet Ant | a 501(c)(3) non-profit