The Exchange": A Planet Ant One-Act

The Exchange": A Planet Ant One-Act


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February 22 — March 9 | Planet Ant Black Box | $10

The Planet Ant One-Act Series presents
"The Exchange"
Written & Directed by Charity Clark-AndersonBoxFest Detroit 2018 Audience-Voted Best Director!

"After being estranged for 27 years, sisters Jewel and Sarah Morgan meet unexpectedly in a train station Their story, told through flashback, is the story of Jewel, the older, desperately seeking the forgiveness she needs after betraying her sister's trust. And Sarah, the younger, who refuses to let go of the pent-up anger and hostility she's holds against Jewel, the more beautiful and popular sister. And all this, while trying to exorcise the demon/ghost of their youth that continues to haunt them."

Nicole Levey Hunt
Tiffany Aisha King
Asia Marie Hicks
Kayla Von
Gene Alexander

Assistant Director: Rhonda English
Production Assistant: James Anderson
Wardrobe Consultant: Winnie English

Fridays & Saturdays | 8p
Sunday | March 3 | 6p

[CW: production contains adult content & themes; sexual assault, abuse, pregnancy/childbirth, sexism & misogyny]

Presented by Planet Ant | a 501(c)(3) non-profit