All funds raised will go directly toward the day-to-day upkeep and maintenance of our venues, supporting the creative pursuits of hundreds, if not thousands of local artists year-round. Tax-deductible donations can be made at and come with rewards for donations over $10; including but not limited to stickers and show tickets, as well as private coaching for improv troupes and all-access passes to Planet Ant productions for larger contributions!

Celebrating 25 years!

In Planet Ant's 25 years as a fixture on Caniff Street, it has evolved into an incomparable epicenter for the arts in Southeast Michigan. For a quarter of a century, Planet Ant's mission has been to cultivate and to showcase local artists. Opening originally as a coffee house in a small Hamtramck storefront space in 1993, Planet Ant quickly became known for its open mic nights and poetry readings. Today, it spans four venues: the Black Box, Ant Hall, Ghost Light, and the Planet Ant Studio.

In the last year, Planet Ant has continued to be a natural home for live theatre, comedy and music... up to and including, live musical comedy theatre. In that time, it has also hosted film screenings, improv competitions, record release parties, a space opera, art exhibitions, burlesque shows, staged readings, live podcasts, talk shows, game shows and community meetings.

In the last two years, Planet Ant has become a main venue for the Hamtramck Music Festival, The FREEP Film Festival, & the Motor City Comedy Festival. Annually, in August, it hosts the BoxFest Theatre Festival, which showcases female directors in Detroit. Planet Ant also created and hosted the first annual Detroit Women of Comedy Festival and the inaugural Live Out Fest, Hamtramck's first ever LGBTQ-centered arts festival.

Planet Ant Theatre is one of the few performing arts spaces in Michigan that offers opportunities for a variety of artists from a diverse cross-section of disciplines to interact, collaborate and entertain.

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If making a one-time donation for a specific show / production in the Planet Theatre Season, please specify which event in the comments/notes!

Commit to a consistent contribution and ensure that our colony of creativity can carry on with our commitment to cultivate and spotlight local artists; to build community by facilitating artistic expression and collaboration in theatre, music, film and other visual and performing arts; to promote artistic freedom and expand stage access — and to nurture the creative potential in individual artists through training, coaching and community engagement:


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Join Planet Ant Theatre’s Colony of Creativity!

Planet Ant Theatre is an epicenter for the arts in Hamtramck and the greater Detroit area. Throughout our 25-year history, we have been the birthplace and homestead for scores of artists and performers. Across our three venues, Ant Hall, Ghost Light, and the original Planet Ant Black Box, our stages provide emerging and established creatives with a platform to pursue and refine their crafts.

The Planet Ant Training Center offers a world class education in improv comedy, sketch writing, acting, and more. We are always striving to expand our curriculum by adding new classes and workshops that better serve our creative community. We continue to be vigilant in our commitment to diversity and inclusivity, providing a supportive learning environment and safe space for all.

We are proud to be a longstanding institution and artistic hub for the Detroit creative community at large. Every week, hundreds of people are drawn to our myriad stages to enjoy live music, theatre, comedy, and other forms of performance art (e.g. film screenings, art exhibitions, burlesque shows, staged readings, live podcasts, etc.). We frequently host large events and festivals  throughout the year (e.g. Hamtramck Music Festival and Detroit Women of Comedy Festival) highlighting local artists, performers and vendors from all mediums, and the City of Hamtramck itself.

Committed to expanding our impact beyond our zip code, we have recently introduced The Planet Ant Podcast Network and are currently developing The Planet Ant Studio, a space for community members to develop and execute audio/video recording projects. We are also excited to be introducing a new scholarship program in our mission to offer more accessibility to those who wish to learn. Dedicated to providing professional opportunities to active members of the creative community, our theatrical season prioritizes highlighting local writers, actors, and directors.   

Planet Ant is a 501(c)(3) non-profit professional theatre and performance art organization that seeks to build community by facilitating artistic expression and collaboration in theatre, music, film and other visual and performing arts; to promote artistic freedom and expand stage access; and to nurture the creative potential in individual artists through training, coaching and community engagement.

We believe in this mission, and work tirelessly to advance these goals. If you believe in these pursuits and want to support our colony of creativity, YOU and/or YOUR BUSINESS can help! As a non-profit organization, Planet Ant relies heavily on sponsorships, donations, and support from volunteers. Because of people like you and businesses like yours, we are able to effectively and efficiently pursue our mission with transparency and integrity.

Please consider supporting our efforts by making a donation to Planet Ant Theatre — any amount helps AND all donations are tax- deductible!

 Planet Ant also accepts in-kind donations of goods, services, or time! Everything from technical and lighting equipment, to vehicles and construction materials, are of use to us. Planet Ant offers sponsorships to specific events, series, and productions! By sponsoring specific events, businesses can achieve significant visibility at each of our venues to our reliable and diverse community. If you are interested in exploring alternitive donation types or visable sponsorship for your business, please contact Darren Shelton at the address below.

Thank you,

Darren Shelton |

Executive Director | Planet Ant Theatre, Inc.

To donate by mail please send a check to:

Planet Ant Theatre
2320 Caniff Ave,
Hamtramck, MI 48212