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Learn from the best.

The Planet Ant Training Center offers world class instruction in improv, comedy writing, sketch video, musical improv, and acting.


Introductory Courses (October/November 2018)
from 175.00

Introduction to Improv 1A | Tuesdays, 7p-10p | Location: TBA | Instructor: Louie Krause

Introduction to Improv 1B | Wednesdays, 7p-10p | Location: TBA | Instructor: Nuverre Naami

Musical Improv | Wednesdays, 7p-10p | Location: TBA | Instructor: Mike McGettigan & Mikey Brown

Sketch Writing | Wednesdays, 7p-10p | Location: TBA | Instructor: Shawn Handlon

Screenwriting | Mondays, 7p-10p | Location: TBA | Instructor: Dan Tice

Acting | Sundays, 12p-3p | Location: TBA | Instructor: Ryan Carlson

THESE ARE ALL LEVEL ONE COURSES — NO PREREQUISITES: ALL EXPERIENCE LEVELS WELCOME. In order to qualify for any higher level of instruction, you must have completed the previous level; price includes an online processing fee; Class times and locations are subject to change, please refer to the Training Center Calendar for the most current information on class times and locations.

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Planet Ant is a 501(c)(3) non-profit professional theatre and performance venue that seeks to build community by facilitating artistic expression and collaboration in theatre, music, film and other visual and performing arts; to promote artistic freedom and expand stage access; and to enrich individual artists through training, coaching and networking.

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