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Yes Weed Can: The Musical

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Created by Shawn Handlon & Jaime Moyer
Directed by Shawn Handlon | Musical Direction by Mikey Brown

Yes Weed Can
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Yes Weed Can is an original satirical musical (originally debuted in 2014 at the Planet Ant black box theater) that tells intertwining stories of conspiracy and redemption. Following the journey of Tammy, the modern-day heroine compelled to wrestle with the legal ramifications of cannabis's legislative vilification; Yes Weed Can chronicles the scheme of a powerful few bamboozling America into outlawing a beloved, common crop for (gasp!) personal gain. 

April 20 - May 12
Ant Hall | Hamtramck

Fridays & Saturdays* | 8p
Sunday | April 29 & May 6 | 6p
*no performance May 4

Ghost Light Hamtramck opens 7p | Funny Burger pop-up all night

cast + crew

kaitlyn valor bourque (tammy chong)

Kaitlyn is ablaze with excitement to be sharing this story with y'all. A working actor and performer in Detroit, she’s had the privilege of playing on diverse stages in the area; including Planet Ant Theatre, Puzzle Piece Theatre, Slipstream Theatre Initiative, Matrix Theatre, and Open Book Theatre. She first experienced the magic of Planet Ant’s colony of creativity in the 2016 black box production of Really Really; and after several years of taking on predominately dramatic theatre roles, is thrilled to be back at the Ant making her musical comedy debut. KVB is the sentimental type and isn't ashamed; she'd like to shower some love onto her entire YWC cast & crew for being the most supportive, inspiring group of artists a Hermione could hope for (especially her bestie-in-crime, Kelly; you are a treasure).

kelly rossi (megan)

Kelly is thrilled to be at Planet Ant Hall performing in Yes Weed Can! She was last seen on the Planet Ant stage as Joan in Orson's Shadow. Her last musical performance was as Michelle in Call Me Cass, a jukebox musical about the life of Cass Elliot. Kelly is the Executive Director of BoxFest Detroit, an annual theatre festival that showcases women directors, held at the Planet Ant theatre. She would like to thank Jeff; you know what you did. Have a wonderful time, and enjoy yourself here in picturesque Hamtramck, Michigan.

michael "rollo" rollin (rick)

Rollo is very happy to be back upinya, Planet Ant! You may have seen him tooting his horn, and his sax, with Tongue-N-Groove, or The Nights of Bohemia, and many more, all over the area. Or, performing tech operations for shows at the Gem, Meadowbrooke, Berman, and Elizabeth Theatre, to name a few. It has been 15 years since his first acting gig where he had his first theatre crush, in "Manny and the Mirror: A Rock Opera" Opening up a keg of worms to follow. Please come back to the Ant Hall to see him in "The Daedalus 2 Mission: A Space Opera" opening June 22. He would also like to hear you pronounce this out loud- "MmmHmMmmn"

inney prakesh (jake)

 Inney has appeared in one prior show at Planet Ant and is jazzed to once again be working with such a talented coterie of kindred folk. He recently graduated from Wayne State University with a BA in Film, has assisted with programming for multiple Michigan film festivals, and hopes to find absolute purpose and meaning in this brief candle called life before the wick disappears and the flame flickers out. Follow him on instagram @inneyp.

sarah wilder (ensemble)

Sarah is a current Planet Ant Farm Team member who has also been a part of many other improv troupes around Metro Detroit. She has performed in & helped co-write recent original productions such as Who Run the World (Planet Ant), Amazing Dave (Planet Ant) and The Harrowing (A Host of People). When she's not doing scripted work she's improvising with the Farm Team, belting out karaoke tunes at Ghost Light and eating at Funny Burger. She's totes stoked to be a member of this brilliant cast and crew and she thanks all of you for supporting us and this non-profit facility!

michelle studer (ensemble)

Michelle is a writer, improviser, and actor based in Metro Detroit. She’s performed in numerous scripted shows, including Planet Ant’s “Nightmare on Caniff Street” and “Love Me Tinder”. She’s also a member of the Planet Ant Farm Team, which means you can find her improvising every week on an Ant stage. Michelle is thrilled to be part of the “Yes Weed Can” remount. More importantly, she’d like to thank the cast and crew for being awesome. PREPARE TO BE DAZZLED, FOLKS!

andy burt (ensemble)

Andy just realized that this month marks his 25th anniversary of doing musical theatre. What a nerd! Feel free to beat him up after the show. Since appearing as "Bashful Child Orphan" in Wyandotte Roosevelt's enthralling 1993 production of "Oliver!", Andy has been a fixture in the SE Michigan theatre scene. He graduated from the Eastern Michigan University Theatre Department in 2004 after portraying "Wall" in "A Midsummer Nights Dream". Since then, he has been seen in "Armchair Dating" at the Planet Ant, "Our Town" at the Purple Rose Theatre Company, and about 600 community theatre productions of "Rent". He's dedicated countless hours of his life and sacrificed so much in order to hone his craft, but you probably only recognize him because of that time he tried out for "The Bachelor" and made it on the news.

nick latimer (ensemble)

Nick is definitely a human male who enjoys doing tasks that other genuine humans do.




APRIL 27 — MAY 12 


Directed by Joe Bailey

Every estranged member of the Lafayette clan has descended upon the crumbling Arkansas homestead to settle the accounts of the newly-dead patriarch. As his three adult children sort through a lifetime of hoarded mementos and junk, they collide over clutter, debt, and a contentious family history. But after a disturbing discovery surfaces among their father's possessions, the reunion takes a turn for the explosive, unleashing a series of crackling surprises and confrontations. 

Melissa Beckwith
Jaclynn Cherry
Meredith Deighton
Forrest Gabel
Kelly Ann Komlen
Joel Mitchell
Shane Nelson
Donny Riedel

Stage Managed by Brandy Joe Plambeck
Set Design by Jennifer Maiseloff
Fight Choreography by Sydney Lepora

Fridays 8p | 4/27 | 5/4 | 5/11 | 5/18
Saturdays 8p | 4/28 | 5/5 | 5/12 | 5/19
Sundays 6p | 5/6 | 5/13

Ghost Light Hamtramck bar opens 7p | Funny Burger pop-up all night


from 11.00
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