Thanks to the support of our loyal community, Planet Ant has been able to provide two decades of the best arts and entertainment the metro Detroit area has to offer, but it doesn't come cheap. We can sure use your help to get us through a new period of growth. Our recent Ant Hall expansion has been very exciting and has opened up many more opportunities for us, but it has also done a lot to increase the overhead costs of keeping Planet Ant running smoothly. As of January of 2017, we've been able to use our new venue for improv shows, concerts and more. We're proud of how far the we've come, but there is still much work to be done. We need new dressing rooms, the bathrooms need to be redone, the ceiling leaks when it rains, the air conditioning is noisy and only works half the time, the exterior of the building can use a paint job and more signage, and that's just some of the stuff on the top of the list.

Please consider making a contribution to our ongoing efforts to provide you with the best that Planet Ant can offer.

Make a Donation

To donate by mail please send a check to:

Planet Ant Theatre
2357 Caniff Ave,
Hamtramck, MI 48212